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As some may have noticed, my entire gallery is gone, save for a couple pieces and some new stuff.
I've had some issues lately, where I will see my artwork in other places on the web without my consent.
Most of these instances were not necessarily malicious, and I understand that's the nature of posting artwork online.
You can't control who sees it, or what they do with it. And that realization troubled me. I've always been very
free with posting my work. But when you see your work on sites like Reddit, and seeing the people who post it "not taking credit,
but not denying credit either" that can be a bit frustrating. I think for the future I may be a bit more selective. Anyway, for those
wondering where my work went, this is the answer. =)
Daenerys and Drogo Final by Mikuloctopus
Print available of my Daenerys and Drogo piece.
Available here!…
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